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We've reimagined aquaculture down to the last drop and built a better way to nourish people and planet.



It’s hard to feel confident buying shrimp these days. Murky practices have earned the seafood industry an unsavory reputation. With great care and cutting-edge technology, we’re raising shrimp of unparalleled purity.



1,500 miles from the nearest sea, our patented “Inland Oceans” are a marvel of modern aquaculture. We’ve recreated the natural currents and chemistry of the ocean, down to the molecule, to provide the highest quality water and the perfect habitat. Who knew shrimp would be so happy in the prairie?


Humane habitats and agricultural efficiency don’t often go hand in hand. But our operations produce more protein on less land, and with far less waste than nearly any other method of protein production. We’re growing a better industry, one “ocean” at a time.

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