In an effort to uplift sustainability and superiority in the seafood industry, we have tested and validated the first true commercial-scale, shallow-water indoor shrimp farming technology in the United States. By using our patented Tidal Basin™ technology, we have total control over our shrimp, chitosan and other products, from day one to collection, making our products the highest quality, most sustainable in the world.

Innovative Technology

Recognized for ESG by various external partners, our Tidal Basin™ technology allows us to grow shrimp safely, in a controlled environment, while reducing the amount of space needed. Keeping sustainability and innovation at the forefront of our operation is vital to fulfilling our goal of minimizing our impact on Earth’s resources.


trū Shrimp is a US-based company that produces superior-quality shrimp that are traceable, sustainable and antibiotic free.


trū Chitosan sources superior raw material from trū Shrimp to develop chitosan, a sought-after product for medical professionals and scientists alike.


trū Protein is a high-protein, low-fat, pathogen-free pet food and treat ingredient protein made from 100% raw shrimp.

This Just In

September 2022

trū Protein achieves pet sustainability coalition accreditation. 

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