Oceans of Innovation


Created by Texas A&M University, our patented Tidal Basin™ technology grows shrimp in a controlled habitat that recreates the natural ocean currents, focusing on reducing stress and creating an environment where shrimp can thrive. Beyond that, we are constantly removing and recycling shrimp waste and molts in order to create the cleanest and safest environment possible for the shrimp.

Our systems are continually monitoring environmental conditions and adjusting for not only the shrimp, but with the end consumer in mind.


In order to create optimal living conditions for each phase of the shrimp life cycle, we’ve developed patented technology around water management. Along each step of the way, water is continually being monitored to provide appropriate oxygen levels, water flow, and temperature ranges for the shrimp.

From the very first day in our facility to the day they exit, we treat our shrimp with the utmost care. Shrimp temperature is then monitored and controlled as they make their journey to a restaurant or grocer near you!


Did you know that shrimp molt their shells to accommodate their recent growth? The same technology that helps create the perfect habitat for our shrimp to thrive also enables the constant collection of these shrimp molts. These materials are then turned into chitosan, a valuable material used across a variety of industries. In recent years, chitosan and its derivative biomaterials have attracted significant attention in the biomedical field, due to their unique biological properties.