Purely Superior Shrimp


To provide you with all-natural, clean shrimp that are free of impurities – that’s our mission at trū Shrimp. We think shrimp should be simple, with nothing more and nothing less than just shrimp. Now you can feel confident that your family is eating tasty, sweet, all-natural shrimp with every bite.  

It’s time for a new standard in food safety. It’s time that you know where your shrimp come from and that they are safe to eat. 


Because of our intense focus on water management and water quality, the environment where our shrimp live is low stress and incredibly safe. Our facility has been disease-free since its inception, and we are committed to keeping our waters and shrimp free from all antibiotics.

In a 2018 taste test, consumers confirmed that products raised in a trū Shrimp facility were preferred over those currently found in grocery stores today. They especially liked trū Shrimp’s color, aroma, freshness, sweetness and plumpness.