Scalable Stewardship


Our system is built with sustainability in mind. trū Shrimp facilities allow for materials such as water, waste and shrimp molts to be removed and, in the case of water, reused through every step of the process. 


Our stackable Tidal Basin™ innovation enables us to grow shrimp safely while reducing the amount of space needed. At our core, we believe it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on the earth’s resources and strive for solutions that are sustainable for future generations.


Through advanced water management technology and recycling methods, we are reducing our water usage, waste byproducts and carbon foot print at every turn. Almost 100% of the water in our facilities is recycled. Advanced water filtration systems are implemented for each and every trū Shrimp location, allowing for waste to be continually removed and water to be used again.

Our Water Reclamation Centers are so efficient on each trū Shrimp site that we only replace evaporated water and minimal amounts used for cleaning. 
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