The trū Shrimp Story


Located in Balaton, MN, The trū Shrimp Company is the first company to test and validate a true commercial-scale, shallow-water indoor shrimp farming technology in the United States. trū Shrimp developed and employs patented, land-based shrimp aquaculture technology to produce superior-quality shrimp that are traceable, sustainable, and antibiotic-free. By combining disruptive aquaculture technologies with operational expertise, trū Shrimp is capitalizing on shifting market paradigms to disrupt the U.S. shrimp market.


Collectively referred to as Tidal Basin™ technology, trū Shrimp deploys three existing patents, one pending patent, and three to-be-filled patents that far exceed the performance of traditional RAS technology to create the most stable and efficient shrimp growing environment in the world. trū Shrimp will utilize its technological capabilities and overall business model to produce the highest quality, most sustainable shrimp in the world. This technology also enables the automated collection of shrimp molts and peels.

The trū Shrimp Story


Tidal Basin™ technology will enable trū Shrimp to pursue significant market share with the goal of becoming the largest domestic aquaculture producer in the U.S. The company’s integrated strategy is designed to maintain the quality of its product from genetics to consumption. While the company’s Balaton Bay Reef is already producing FDA-approved, market-ready shrimp, larger scale harbors will be built in order to meet consumer demand and increase market share.


The first planned harbor complex will be built in Madison, SD. The Madison Bay Harbor Complex and subsequent Harbors will include:

  • A Hatchery focused on genetics and reproduction

  • A water reclamation system to ensure responsible water use

  • A series of Tidal Basins™ for shrimp to grow and thrive until they are market ready

  • Saltwater created on-site, which is then cleaned and reintroduced into our system

  • A commitment to exceeding state and local regulations related to water stewardship

The Madison Bay Harbor Complex will positively impact the local economy both during its construction and in the future. 

The Madison Bay Harbor Complex will positively impact the local economy both during its construction and in the future. During the 18-24-month construction period:

  • At its peak, 800+ construction employees

  • Over $100 million in annual economic impact*

Once fully operational:

  • Over $40 million in annual economic impact*

  • Creation of an estimated 150 jobs upon facility launch

  • Competitive pay within the region

  • Company benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401(k)

*Based on estimates from an Extension Study by the University of Minnesota